Friday, November 13, 2009

Brain Killer Nomos Gentleman Jesse & MODERAT LIKVIDATION this weekend!

My computer has taken a crap lately, so I have not been able to keep this up to date as much as I want. I will do my best today via my Blackberry.

Tonight don't miss the Nick Poot Benefit. If your friends with me you most likely know about the situation. If not, my pal Nick is very sick in the Hospital with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He has incurred a huge debt because of it, and there is a Benefit show tonight for him @ 538 Johnson. Amelia from ABC NO RIO put the show together. I really don’t know what loft it is in but show up at 8pm and bring $10 (more if you can) for Nick Poot. BRAIN KILLER, WITCHES WITH DICKS, STATE OF DECLINE & NOMOS are playing the gig, so it will be a banger for sure. Nomos and Brain Killer have been some of my favorite bands to see lately. They both have records out on Deranged Records at the moment so check them out!

Nick Poot Benefit Gig in NYC, part 2 coming soon!!!

The Punk don’t stop here, check out what we got going on the rest of the weekend:

Amelia and the ABC NO RIO Hardcore Punk Collective have put together a Hardcore Matinee that will be shore to have your ears ringing. Moderat Likvidation from Malmo and Detonate from the Twin Cities will be in town to destroy all of you. My favorite local punk nut jobs Perdition are opening the gig so get there on time. Since they are down for Nick Poot’s Benefit show Brain Killer are going level all of you twice in one weekend.

MODERAT LIKVIDATION - legendary Swedish punk band from Malmö formed in 1980
DETONATE - brutal Minneapolis punk
BRAIN KILLER - noisey Boston heavy weight!
PERDITION - local raw punk

Saturday, November 14th - 3pm - $7 - ALL AGES
@ABC No Rio
156 Rivington St
New York, NY

Also if you check out & you will see that Gentlemen Jesse & His Men are playing Saturday and Sunday Night. Yup Jesse and his posse will rocking the Cake Shop and Bruar Falls on Saturday and Sunday respectively. I love his LP and they were great when I saw them last year. DE CYLINDERS a power pop from Netherlands are playing as well. They are most likely a bigger deal then Jesse but I wouldn’t know any better both shows are $8, 21+ and doors are at 8pm.

That is about all I have for this weekend. I am off to Austin TX next Friday but not before I check out Reigning Sounds at Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ on Thursday Night. You should all go check out Reigning Sounds, I suggest bringing a date.

While I am in Austin I’m going to check out Eddie from BSA’s Latino Punk Fest “Dias De Destruccion”. I’m missing Vaaska on Thursday, but I will get to see The Brat, No Slogan & Deskonocidos on Saturday. Not only that but I get to hang out with my dear mother for turkey day!

Get Siked, Go Do Something, Make Punk Happen!!!

(Please forgive any typos, I typed al this all from my Blackberry.)

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