Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Cirkle, Aresols, Nomos & Zombie Dogs @ 538 Johnson Tomorrow

So if you not going to NO WAY fest you should come check out Social Cirkle @ the other Loft @ 538 Johnson. ( Not stolen sleeves but the loft across the hall from there )

HARDCORE GIG VOLUME # 112 (The loft pulled most of the work on this one)

SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Punk From Massachusetts
ARESOLS - Western Mass
NOMOS - New punk band from Brooklyn

Friday, June 19Th - 8pm - ALL AGES
@ 538 Johnson Ave, #210
Brooklyn, NY

BRUTAL KNIGHTS canceled because Nick Flangan is weenier.

(photo by zed)

Yo TRAGEDY is going to play a gig on July 12th. Only area gig, so make sure you get some extra sleep on Saturday so you can stay out on a school night. It is looking like it will be takin place in Brooklyn with some Awesome bands! More info coming soon.

Next Friday BRAIN KILLER is playing the usual 538 Johnson Loft. This band slays so don't miss them. Also playing is Guilty Faces who have recorded an awesome LP. It should be out in time for the gig on Friday on Deranged Records. The track "Hollowed Out" on this 12" is my pick for "My Jam" of the year. Local punkers Dawn Of Humans are playing too as well as So Cal's Bad Antics. When I get to a computer later I will post the gig flyer (Friday June 26th @ 8pm @ 538 Johnson )

Well as always I'm on my way to work, should not be posting this while I'm walking through PENN STATION. Might explain all the typos.

Stay Punk,

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