Monday, June 22, 2009

Punks Are Running Wild! Perdition tomorrow night in brooklyn!

Well another gig in the chute. Social Circkle gig was cool.They had a few traffic issues while getting to the gig. Dad was STOKED! SC played a few new songs off their LP that made its debut at No Way Fest in RVA. Take note: Nomos are killer, expect to see a lot from this band. Zombie dogs & Aerosols were a nice surprise as well. Thank you for the roomates at Loft # 210 for hosting and running the gig, I don't know what the local punk scene would do without nice people who let punk shows happen in their living room.

Well as I'm on the 7:09 midtown direct, tripin out to the new Paintbox LP I am looking forward to a lot of hc punk shows that are coming up. Not for everyone but Ted Leo is playing at maxwells, for those who don't know I was supper into teds prior bands so I'm very stoked to him and his band tonight. Bumbed I missed the gig at the spot in Karney NJ last night, but I needed a few days off.

Tuesday we have a pretty rad show at Death by audio. NYC favorite sons of punk are playing PERDITION, I hope these kids stay punk for ever because they are the perfect storm of what I want in a local punk band (minus not having gear sometimes). Locals Rabia will be playing as well and if you are into deep fried southern crust punk you will def dig on SKUDS & NUCLEAR BLAST SUNTAN. DBA is one of my fave venues in brooklyn so be nice to the people that work there


THE SKUDS - southern crust
NUCLEAR BLAST SUNTAN - more southern crust
RABIA - NYC political punk
Tuesday, June 23rd - 8pm - $7 - ALL AGES!
@ Death by Audio49 S 2nd st
Brooklyn, NY

Don't forget about the show on friday!!!


BRAIN KILLER - Top Shelf Punk from Boston
GUILTY FACES - Punk from Connecticut
BAD ANTICS - SoCal Hardcore Punk
DAWN OF HUMANS - Local Punkers!

Friday, June 26th - 8pm - ALL AGES
@ 538 Johnson Ave, # 201
Brooklyn, NY

You (meaning people who don't live at the loft) can't hang out on the roof, don't go up there.

Well my train is hitting Penn Station and I need to sign off. See you this week. Stay punk!

Cry Of The Sheep!!!

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