Saturday, October 27, 2012

#200, Thank You!

So yeah, 200 shows. Tonight, well like 2 months ago, The Hard Skin show was kinda 200. I really appreciate all of the people who have come out to all the shows all the Bands that have played over the past 8 years or so. Thank you. And most of all the venues, I would not able to get any of this down with out you all. 

Jeff @ North Six
Abc No Rio
Brenden @ CBGB's 
Andy @ Cake Shop
Robert @ Europa
Bill and Staff @ The Acheron
Zach @ The Knitting Factory
Cenk & Sean @ The Charleston 
Edan @ Death By Audio
Ric @ Market Hotel & 285 Kent
The various residents of 538 Johnson, 120 Hamilton, Crewtonz
and...countless other venues and people

Thank you,

Now go make your own noise, start  your own band, book your own shows, make your own zine & make punk happen. 

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