Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Hardcore Bands! Check it out!

I wanted to post some new HC bands, that i have been very stoked on!

BRAIN SLUG - Great band from some dudes from Long Island. If you like Raw Life Fanzine you will like this band. Brutal Hardcore with the NY swag we all love. Check out the new 7"

UGLY PARTS - Great HC band from NJ

REAL COPS - Andy from Forward to Death and countless other bands doing a new Hardcore Band. Pretty ruff hardcore here, not unlike Talk Is Poison

GOOSEBUMPS - Ray and Co, have put together one of my favorite local hardcore bands. Ian from Perdition said to me, "hey I haven't seen you mosh for a band in a while." Well the BUMPS are that awesome! NYHC!

Goosebumps @ Tommy's Tavern 1/28/12 from Superchief on Vimeo.

THE ALTERED BOYS - More hardcore from NJ. So stoked that Geoff Green is singing in a band. Plus they rip. Some great HC here!

GRUDGES - What happens when some good buds decide to start a brutal hardcore band with Grindcore Vocals: Grudges! He used "bust it!" in a song. So cool! Check out the Demo!

DIPERS - Have you met Reed, you know he is a sweet dude, who loves hardcore. He dose a great Tape Zine called  Greatest City In The World, Its rad check it out! He also has a great HC band that he sings in.  He might of finally seen the movie BIG, I hope so! Check out the demo!

RAW MEAT - Chris, Garret and Denis got together with Evan and they started this Hardcore band. They just recorded. Check out this track.

I will try to do this kind of post more often. There are tons of new Punk bands with dudes from Crazy Spirit and Perdition, i try to keep up but I'm behind, someone fill me in.

Don't forget about CHAIN WALLET making their debut at the Veins show.

Also SHOXX a new band featuring dudes from Pollution and Nomos will be playing soon:

CANCER (Albany/ex-Acid Reflux on tour)
SHOXX (FIRST SHOW!/ex-Nomos & Pollution)

Sunday March 18th - 7:30pm
@ The Stolen Sleeves Collective
538 Johnson Ave, Apt. 203
Brooklyn, NY 11237
No Booze, No Drugs, No Fun

Go Start Your Own Band!!!


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