Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So our beloved ROBERT COLLINS is in a new band who fucking rip! He and Mark from  LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, B. from SCHOLASTI DEATH & Michelle from SCROTUM GRINDER started one sick band. I picked up the Single that Ironlung Records put out a while back but it really didn't do them justice based on what i saw when i was down at Chaos In Tejas. One of the most energetic HC bands i have seen in a long while. Dan O from DEATH FIRST put together a great gig for them on Saturday night. If you are hitting up the LIFETIME show at EUROPA make sure you Rush over to the Acheron to Catch the rest of the NO STATIK show*, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Plus they are all the way from the Bay Area, so they most likely will not be around these parts again anytime soon
*(LIFETIME show will be done by 10pm, The gig at the Acheron won't start till about 9ish)


NO STATIK  - Hardcore from San Francisco, members of Artimus Pyle, Scrotum Grinder, Look Back And Laugh  & End Of The Century Party
DEATH FIRST - Brooklyn HC punks
DEATHRATS - Hardcore from DC, last NY show!
NATURAL LAW - more Brooklyn HC, new LP out on Katorga Works/Deranged soon

Saturday, January 7th - 8pm - All Ages
@ Acheron
57 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY

Here is a video of NO STATIK shreading everyone's hangover away at Chaos in Tejas at like 11am. Yup Breakfast and Hardcore!

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