Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello All, I actually went a week with out doing a show, and I didn't even make it out to any shows this weekend. So tired lately, kinda wish i caught COC yesterday tho.

So on Saturday we got a great show with some killer bands from Chicago. First off RAW NERVE will be back in town. I got to see this band in New Brunswick the last time they were though and they were great. The LP i picked up was great. Young bunch of energetic kids from Chi-town, make sure you check them out. I kinda strong armed RAW NERVE into bring my buddy Jordan and Bryan's band MANIPULATION to town with them. This band is made of people from THIS IS MY FIST, CHRONIC SEIZURE & THE PEDESTRIANS. Don't let their previous bands fool you nothing but cut throat angry hardcore punk here. They just put a 7" out on Fashionable Idiots.

Rounding out the bill is CONCRETE CROSS & PERDITION. CONCRETE CROSS is made up of ex members of Disnil and fronted by everyones favorite Zoom Media employee Artie Philie. Stiff little tone also plays in Sheer Terror now so don't fuck with him! CONCRETE CROSS are also playing with PERDITION on Thursday at Tommy's Tavern, also playing is KOWARD from Boston with dudes from BRAIN KILLER & SCAPEGOAT. PERDITION have also been added to this month's HARD SKIN show @ Europa (October 22nd) Oh I almost forgot CONCRETE CROSS is also playing with THE CANDY SNATCHERS on Friday at the THRASH BAR with a bunch of other bands.

See you all on Saturday. (And Thursday)


RAW NERVE - Hardcore Punk From Chicago
MANIPULATION - More Hardcore Punk from Chicago, Members of Chronic Seizure & The Pedestrians. Don't Miss!
PERDITION - NYC Hardpunk Craziness
CONCRETE CROSS - New Band from Brooklyn, Members of Disnil & Celebrity Murders

Saturday, October 16th - 8pm - All Ages
@ Acheron
57 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY

PS if you didn't get your tickets for the CITIZENS ARREST show on Dec 17th, I suggest you do that today or tomorrow, down to like 40 tickets left. Online tickets here or the box office at the Knitting Factory is open 5 to close daily. (361 Metropolitan Ave)

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