Monday, September 27, 2010


First and foremost, thanks to all who made it out to the shows this weekend as well as the opening bands. BURNING LOVE were great, glad i finally got to check them out. I guess everyone was watching Football, because i think everyone forgot about the OBLITERATION / BRAIN KILLER show. They were both great.

So Saturday we have a few shows featuring, STRAIGHTJACKET NATION from Australia. I first stumbled on to this band when Dave from now defunct PISSCHRIST gave me this simple looking 7". Who knew it was going to be so good when got home and put it one. He later told me that his other band STRAIGHTJACKET NATION would be coming to the States that next summer. They played a bunch of great shows their last time around, CHAOS IN TEJAS, My 2 Birthday Shows with CAREER SUICIDE and 2 great gigs with INVASION. They ended up playing NY like 3 times.

What you get with STRAIGHTJACKET NATION, is non stop fast hardcore with screamed vocals not unlike your domestic Clevo hardcore bands (ala H100, GSMF, Inmates or 9 Shocks Terror)

So they will be playing early on Saturday with SOCIAL CIRCKLE from Boston, WILD THING from the Bay Area & CRAZY SPIRIT from Here. SOCIAL CIRCKLE have not played NYC in a hot minute, and i doubt they will be playing any time soon after that. WILD THING are wrapping up their short East Coast / Mid West tour. Come say good bye to BRACE, because he is a nice guy. Buy him a drink. Everyone's favorite CRAZY SPIRIT will be opening the show at 4pm promptly. So no bitching if you show up late.


STRAIGHTJACKET NATION - Fast, furious pissed off hardcore from Australia.
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Punk From Massachusetts
WILD THING - Punk from the Bay Area

Saturday, October 2nd - 3pm - ALL AGES
@ The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St
New York, NY

So yeah, that show will end at 8pm. Then catch the subway into Brooklyn to see another killer show featuring STRAIGHTJACKET NATION, i would stop at the bodega in NYC because you gotta walk pretty far from 538 to find an ice cold 22 of something to sip on.

This show is fucking Stacked. So not only do you get the Ausie powere house that is SJN but you get FAILURES, VILE GASH, SCAPEGOAT & CONFINES. FAILURES are recently back from their recent west coast tour. My old pal Denis's little band VILE GASH will be playing as well. Denis plays drums and if you have seen THE AWAKENING or BLACK DOVE you will recognize this gentleman right away. Don't let his old bands fool you, no epic crust here, just straight HC. The last time SCAPEGOAT came by 538, they had BRAIN KILLER and the OMEGAS with them. That show was Bananas. CONFINES just released a new 7" on LABOR OF LOVE and SIDE TWO records.


- Fast, furious pissed off hardcore from Australia.
FAILURES - From Boston / Brooklyn, fuzzed out spastic hardcore
VILE GASH - HC from Columbus Ohio, X- Awakening & Black Dove!
SCAPEGOAT - Brutal Hardcore Punk from Boston
CONFINES - Great new band from MA

Saturday, October 2nd - 8pm - ALL AGES (this show will start after the early shows so you can make both, and not miss bands)
@ 538 Johnson Ave, # 201
Brooklyn, NY

Great Gigs all Saturday so make it out if you can!

a few other NOTES for the week:

EVNY (JAPAN), TRASH TALK & more are playing at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE on THURSDAY(October 30th). RICH HALL (1000 Knives) & BROOKLYN VEGAN is Doing
this gig.

CITIZENS ARREST reunion show is confirmed for December 17th w/ MIND ERASER at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Get Tickets here: More Information will be posted soon, but for now i would get your tickets!

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