Monday, May 10, 2010

Some house keeping: The Pist Show & WB2D/Slang

So, Brain Killer had to drop off The Pist show. Nick Poot is playing bass for them, and will need to be back in the hospital that day for some tests relating to his recent bout with cancer. The Pist's buddies Feet First from upstate NY will be taking BK's spot.

In the same breath Absurd System will not be able to play the WB2D/Slang show on june 12th.So, Concrete Cross will be playing in their place. Concrete Cross, is made up of ex members of Disnil and fronted by everyones favorite Zoom Media employee Artie Philie. So make sure make it out early to see them.

I have more to tell you all about but I am typing this from my blackberry.

If your in Brooklyn tonight (May 10th) come by Bruar Falls to see my buddy timmy from texas is DJ'in and Population 1280 and Pregnant are playing. Should be a good time. ( Grand & Roebling in Willimasburg )

I'm out!!!

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