Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uhg! Can't take this presure...presure...presure!

So a bunch of bands dropped off of some shows, so check the listing to the right for up to date info.

May 14th, Brain Killer & Perdition both canceled the show with KYKLOOPPEIN SUKUPUUTTO. Mike & Castlebury from Full Speed Ahead's New band are playing. They are called THE OMINOUS ORDER OF FILTHY MONGRELS, try saying that 3 times fast. Really cool tuned down hardcore punk. Will have a few more bands on the gig, just waiting on some answer.

May 15th, Brain Killer isn't playing the KYKLOOPPEIN SUKUPUUTTO show at ABC NO RIO.

Well here at HC GIG VOLUME, their is always some good news with the bad.

THE "Fucking" RIVAL MOB are playing the Slang, Mind Eraser, Nomos Gig on June 9th in Brooklyn. The Rival Mob may be the best HC band of recent times so don't sleep.

June 5th you should be on the look out for THE PIST to be playing in NYC or BROOKLYN. trying to work out the details this week. THE PIST are one the best HC PUNK bands to come out of Connecticut. Legendary Pogo Attack here!

June 19th during the day before the EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, PISSED JEANS gig at Market hotel, I will be putting together an early matinee show for CEREMONY, SKIN LIKE IRON & THE MEN @ a venue to be announced in NYC or BROOKLYN. You will be able to go to both shows the way i am Timing this all out, so make sure you do.

Umm...whatelse...oh yeah...

Oh yeah, if you want to see the BOMBETTES, and you can't wait till April 8th to see them with NO FRIENDS & DEEP SLEEP, Head over to BRUAR FALLS tomorrow. They had a extra day and wanted to play so they are playing this Party at Bruar Falls. Thanks to Franky & Ngoclan for getting this together.

THE BOMBETTES - All Girl punk band from Sweden
plus DJ PETE from Dinowalrus!

Monday March 29th - 8pm - FREE - 21+
@Bruar Falls
245 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY

But make sure you come see them next week with DEEP SLEEP!!!


THE BOMBETTES - All Girl punk band from Sweden
DEEP SLEEP - Melodic HC Punk from Baltimore
NO FRIENDS - Melodic HC Punk from Richmond Members of Municipal Waste
NIGHT BIRDS - New punk band from NJ

Thursday April 8th - 8pm - $8 - 21+
@Bruar Falls
245 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY

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