Saturday, August 8, 2009

THE BEAV IS BACK!!! August 22nd - Urban Blight, Waste Management, Short Dark Strangers, Flyin Trichecos & Force Fed

So we are back with a type of show i have come to love. Alot of out of town bands on one gig. Its great to have WASTE MANAGEMENT back in NYC. Beav and Urban Blight have not played our area in some time. They have a new LP out on Slasher Records. Can't wait to see what Greg and Jimmy Rose have been up to with Short Dark Strangers. The songs i have heard from Flying T's have been great. Force Fed were pretty dope when i saw them with FP the other week in PA. Gonna be a great show, its been a slow august in terms of HC shows in NYC but this is going to be a good one. I know the beach may seem like a better idea but try to make it out.


WASTE MANAGEMENT - Boston Hardcore
URBAN BLIGHT - Hardcore From Toronto, THE BEAV!
SHORT DARK STRANGERS - Punk From Pittsburgh, Members of Annihilation Time & Caustic Christ
FLYIN TRICHECOS - Clevo hardcore from the usual suspects, Shawn from Midnight & Paul from Inmates & Darvosets new band
FORCE FED - PA Hardcore, New 7" on Painkiller soon!

Saturday August 22nd - 3pm - ALL AGES
@ The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St
New York, NY

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